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Enugu West Senatorial District

The Enugu West comprises, in alphabetical order, Aninri, Awgu, Ezeagu, Oji River and Udi Local Government Areas (LGA). Udi as an administrative headquarters came into existence as Udi District under the Onitsha Province in 1905. Awgu Division was created in 1919. As at 1960, Enugu Province (the present Enugu State) comprised Udi, Awgu and Nsukka Divisions. Ezeagu Local Government Area was created out of Udi in 1975 and Oji River LGA in 1976. Aninri LGA was created out of Awgu in 1996.

The population of Enugu West according to the 2006 census figures stands at 862,166 with Aninri = 133,723; Awgu = 198,136; Ezeagu = 169,718; Oji River = 126,587 and Udi = 234,002. The Enugu West Senatorial District has 81 council wards as follows: Aninri = 10; Awgu = 11;Ezeagu = 20; Oji River = 20 and Udi = 20 There are 155 autonomous communities in the Senatorial District as follows: Aninri = 20; Awgu = 38; Ezeagu = 39; Oji River = 22 and Udi = 36 . There are about 102 public secondary schools in Enugu West Senatorial District, with: Aninri = 15; Awgu = 26; Ezeagu = 28; Oji River = 11 and Udi = 22 There are also some faith-based colleges such as the Sacred Heart Seminary, Nsude and St. Vincent Seminary, Agbogugu. Other state and federal training institutions and agencies of interest include: School of the Blind, Deaf and Dumb, Oji River; Centre for Disabled & Leprosy Colony, Oji River; School of Nursing and Midwifery, Awgu; Farm School, Achi; School of Health Technology, Oji River; Police College, Oji River; Oji River Prisons; National Youth Development Centre, Mpu, National Youth Development Centre, Awgu; National Youth Development Training Centre,Ngwo and National Youth Development Centre, Achi; the National Open University, Awgu, etc.

Natural & Human Resources:
Enugu West Senatorial District is rich in mineral and human resources. A great portion of the celebrated Enugu coal lies below the sub-soil of the senatorial district. In addition, it has fertile land that sustains subsistence and commercial agriculture. The inhabitants of Enugu West are predominantly farmers. One of the five Local Government Areas, Aninri means the land of food which lends it, the food basket of Enugu State. Among the agricultural produce in the area include yam, cocoa yam, rice, odudu, okpa, maize, potatoes, bread-fruits, cassava, palm wine, palm oil, etc. Enugu West is gifted with erudite scholars, medical doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers, industrialists, serving and retired military officers, the clergy and successful business men. It is noteworthy that Enugu West produced: the first Nigerian Judge at the International Court at the Hague in the person of Justice Charles Daddy Onyeama; the first indigenous veterinary officer in Igbo land, Dr. T.A. Mbaeliachi; the first medical doctor in Igbo land, Dr. S.E. Onwu, etc. Furthermore, the District has produced three eminent legal luminaries in the Supreme Court of Justice. They include Justices Daddy Onyeama, Anthony Aniagolu and Nnaemeka Agu. During the Nigerian military regime, Enugu West had a fair share of military governors/administrators, namely; Rear Admiral Allison Amaechina Madueke( Rtd), Commodore Anthony Ogugua (Rtd), Group Captain Joe Orji, PhD (Rtd) as the administrators of old Anambra and old Imo; old Imo and Gombe states respectively. In the academia, the following outstanding Professors have been vice chancellors of Nigerian Universities,namely; Cyril Onwumechili, Gilbert Onuaguluchi, Sampson Ukpabi, Bartho Okolo, Chinweyite Ejike, Mark Anikpo, Ikechukwu Chidobem, Christian Anieke, among others. In spite of their diverse world view, the Enugu West are mostly Christians with deep sense of culture and pragmatic Igbo communalism.

The topography of Enugu West District presents beautiful scenery that meets tourist demands. The popular Udi Hills spread through several communities in the area with interspersing valleys that showcase enriching and highly rewarding tourist destination. Some of the tourist attractions include: Ezeagu Tourist Complex; Ezeagu cave, Awhum Waterfall; Milken Hills; Ngwo Waterfall. Other places of interest include Awgu Games Village; Others include, the Popular Ama Breweries and Aqua Rapha Plant, Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, 7-Up Bottling Company Plc all in 9th Mile Corner, Ngwo. The People of Enugu West are noted for their hospitality, adaptability, rich cultural heritage and vibrant entertainment industry such as the Adanmma Masquerades, Ngwo. Adaeze International cultural troupe; Ogene; Atilogwu; Ogbagu-Ugbo; Opi-Igwe etc. The legendary Udi Day Break introduced by a British District Officer, Mr. E.R. Chadwick in 1949 is still a reality. The alluring treat of the famous Udi palm wine with grass-cutter (bush) meat or spiced tapioca is a highly rewarding experience.